Live Betting brings the action to Betway

Live Betting opens up a new world of betting possibilities as now you can place bets while watching the big game. Unlike standard betting where you need to place your bet before the game Live Betting allows you to place bets while the action is taking place. This gives you a slight advantage when placing bets as you will have an eye on the game/match at all times. What also makes Live Betting exciting is that the odds will update and change as the game develops taking into account how the match is playing out. Now, you can use insights from your observations to make better choices when placing bets with knowledge of the current score, penalties, possession etc.

Live Betting was designed with the ultimate sports fan in mind, when you access Live Betting you will see live scores and up to date stats on all live matches. The gives you up to the minute data that you can use to place bets giving you the best advantage possible. Live Betting is just as easy as normal betting and placing your bets works the exact same way.

Start placing Live Bets at Betway

  • Login to your Betway account
  • Head over to the Live Betting tab
  • Using the navigation area find the sport, league and betting type you are looking for
  • Make your betting selections and hit Bet Now to place your bet
  • Remember the odds change as the game progresses so you need to place your bet before the odds update, if they do then you will be shown the new odds before confirming your bet

Live Betting sports on offer

At the moment Betway does not offer all sports in Live Betting but, we have tried to ensure all the popular sports are on offer. You can find sports like:

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Baseball

Reasons to start Live Betting

Live betting helps to eliminate all the extra research and stat hunting when it comes to placing educated bets. Of course, you should do some checks and get all the info you need to feel comfortable before placing a bet but, Live Betting is advantageous in this area. Now you can see how the match is playing out before you place your bet. You can use the knowledge that you have gained from the live match like how the defence is working out for a particular team, who have been injured or who has been sent off with a card? All of these changes can impact a team and you can use this knowledge to your advantage and place a Live Bet with a better chance of winning.

Betway also offers a live feed of updates from the game so if you aren’t near a TV screen you can log in for updates on the game.

Live Betting is a great way to add some excitement to sports watching and it also allows you to experiment with some betting options you wouldn’t normally try. Place bets on the half time or full-time score, bet on how many goals will be scored or how many cards will be issued. When you are watching the game it is easy to gain more of an insight into the final outcome.

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