Betway offers you the chance to cash out early

An early cash out is something that can make all the difference to your bank balance when things don’t go quite the way you predicted. Early cash out gives you the chance to cash out your bet before or during the game. Depending on how the game is going you could make a profit or you could get back a portion of your bet.

If you are interested in an early cash out then you can check the My Bets tab to see if one is on offer. If you have an early cash out offer it will be based on the actual odds available at the time you choose to cash out. It is important to note the amount on offer will never be more than the potential win of your betslip.

Cash out offers you:

  • The chance to cancel a bet before the game if you have changed your mind, you will only get back a portion of your bet.
  • To reduce the risk on your Multi Bet not going as planned, if you have won the first two games but you are unsure of the next two results you can cash out for a portion of your bet.
  • The ability to cash out during play if it looks like the team your backing might not make the cut, you can claim back a portion of your bet.

It is important to note that once you accept a cash out your original bet is considered as settled and will be closed. You are also not always guaranteed an early cash out so make sure you check to see if one is on offer before relying on this method.

As always terms and conditions apply.

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